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मिलन धर्मस्थली स्कुल: Estd. 2058 B.S / 2001 A.D "Here we don't give a fish. We teach how to fish"



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Tarkeshwor-6, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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Along with the bookish learning a student should spend his/her time on games and sports, so MDS is providing sports facilities to its students. MDS has the large area for the students to play football, volleyball, tennis, basketball etc under the supervision and guidance of sports teacher.

MDS conduct different sports activities in school premise. The activities are taken under via-house system prevalent in the school to help in a healthy competition in sports as well as in other extra activities all the students are divided into 4 groups (house). Interested students can take part in different games.

To enhance the sports activities MDS has established a sports club with the supervision of sports teacher around 80% of the total students of the school has taken the membership of this club. Sports club gives necessary materials and instruction to its member students and select the best students for the participating in sports activities in inter school competition or other outside competition. Sports club also conduct MDS Running Shield every year on the auspicious occasion of Dashain and Tihar. This sports club has connected to different sports club in Japanese school. Japanese sports team visit with MDS team every year and gives necessary materials as well as directions to students.