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मिलन धर्मस्थली स्कुल: Estd. 2058 B.S / 2001 A.D "Here we don't give a fish. We teach how to fish"



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B.S YearMonthA.D YearMonthSchool HistoryDevelopmentRemarks  
2045Bhadra1988SepNon Profit Organization Milan Club Japan was established in Japan to uplift the girl’s literacy of Nepal and globalization of freedom. The club is the foundation of Milan Dharmasthali School.Founder President Mr. Madhav Narayan ManandharRegistered in Saitama Prefecture, Japan Code.No.2771   
2047Asoj1990OctPre-establishment of Milan Dharmasthali School, Milan Club Japan has commenced the scholarship for girl foster to literacy rate uplift of Nepal.Scholarship system had been started from 1st Girl of 2 Class Ms. Ramita MaharjanProvided to the student of Paropakar High School, Kathmandu  
2048Chaitra1992MarNon-Government Organization Milan Club Nepal was established in Kathmandu to continue the scholarship for foster child.Founder President Mr. Madhav Narayan ManandharRegistered in CDO’s office Kathmandu, Reg.No. 306/048/049, SW Reg.No. 22457, Pan.No.302502363  
2056Asar1999JulMilan Vocational Training Center building was constructed.The fund was supported by “Photo Volunteer Group” Japan1st floor building for women’s self sustain at Milan Dharmasthali School’s compound  
2058Magh2001JanAppointment of 1st Chairman of Milan Dharmasthali School Management Committee. Mr.Jagadish Narayan Manandhar   
FalgunFebMilan Dharmasthali School had been applied for registration.Mr. Jagadish Narayan ManandharDistrict Education Offfice, Kathmandu  
Chaitra2002Mar1st Principal of Milan Dharmasthali School was appointed.Mr. Harendra Lawati   
Milan Dharmasthali School commences for 1st grade girl students, School Opening Day.The fund was supported by “Gifu Usuzumi Rotary Club” Japan for 1st Floor building constructonSchool fee was free, stationaries , bags dress etc. were provided at free of cost to students  
2059BaishakAprFree Health Camp at Milan Dharmasthali School.Service provided by Milan Club Nepal in Association with Airline Amboassador Medical Team,U.S.A.Consists of Eye, Dental, Orthopedic and Muscular pain with free medicine. For local villagers of Dharmasthali, Kavresthali, Phutung, Sangla, Jitpur  
Japanese tables and chairs were distributed in many schools of the villages.Donated by Govt. of Japan Foreign Ministery’s “Kusa No Ne Shikin” Fund1800 tables and chairs were distributed to other local 18 School including Milan Dharmasthali School  
JesthaJune1st foster child of Milan Club Nepal had visited to Japan.Ms.Ramita Maharjan, sponsered by “Gifu Usuzumi Rotary Club” JapanOn 10th anniversary of Gifu Usuzumi Rotary Club Japan  
BhadraSeptChairman of Milan Dharmasthali school had visited to Japan.Mr.Jagadish Narayan Manandhar, visited in Japan’s schools for refrence as a Chairman of Milan Dharmasthali SchoolCountisy visit to Saitama Interntional Association of Japan  
Falgun2003FebMilan Dharmasthali Sarbajanik Saichhik Guthi was established to literate the girls of Nepal and provide quality education.Mr. Madhav Narayan Manandhar, Mr. Amar Narayan Mali, Mr.Jagadish Narayan. Manandhar, Mr. Gautam Sayami, Mr.Sanu Raja Rajkarnikar, Mr. Sagar Buddha ManandharRegistered in Regional Education Directrorate Kathmandu, Reg.No.1164  
2060ShrawanAugMilan Dharmasthali Primary School was athorized as primary level.Class 1 to 3 gradesRegistered in DEO Kathmandu, Reg.No.3331  
2061Bhadra2004SeptMilan Dormitory building was constructed.The fund supported by “The Peace Stone of Hiroshima Association” Japan1st floor building construction completed for 30 students capcity  
Chaitra2005Apr2nd Principal (Acting) of Milan Dharmasthali School was appointed.Mr. Anil Bajracharya    
2062ShrawanAugMilan Library building was constructed.The fund donated by “Saitama Prefecture International Cooperation Organaization” JapanLibrary open for school students and also local villagers  
Chaitra2006AprAppointment of 2nd Chairman of Milan Dharmasthali School Management Committee.Mr. Amar Narayan Mali   
2063Bhadra2007SepMilan Dharmasthali Primary School was athorized to run 4 and 5 Class at the school.Class 4 and 5 up gradedRegistered in DEO Kathmandu, Reg.No.993  
2065Baishak2008AprMedical Check-up for Milan Dharmasthali School’s Student.Checked-up By Dr.Nita Sunam and Dr. Rojina ManandharNumber of targeted were 350 including students and staffs of Milan Dharmasthali School.  
Chaitra2009Mar3rd Principal of Milan Dharmasthali School was appointed.Mr. Deepak Dhital   
2066ShrawanAugMilan Dharmasthali School was authorized as a Lower Secondary School.Class 7 and 8 upgradedRegistered in DEO, Kathmandu, Reg. No. 94  
Poush2010JanThe books in Library were increased.Donated by Rotary Club of Gifu West Japan, Rotary Club of Ceonan Korea, Hsinying Taiwan600 books and educational instruments were collected  
2067AsarJulyMilan Dharmasthali School was authorized as a Secondary School.Class 9 upgradedRegistered in DEO, Kathmandu, Reg. No. 4209  
ShrawanAugVolunteer teacher came to teach from Neitherland.Ms. Aashna SitaramTo teach english language  
MangsirDecNew Drinking Water facility was provided at school.The fund was suported by “Gifu Nishi Rotary Club” JapanThe project was targeted to provide pure drinking water for 400 students  
Poush2011JanVolunteer teachers came to teach from Australia and London.Ms. Emma Lawrence from Australia Ms. Lydia Skarbek from LondonTo teach english language  
FalgunMarLadies and Gents Toilet building was constructed.The fund supported by ” Gifu Nishi Rotary Club” Japan1st floor construction completed  
Drinking Water Fountain was installed.The fund supported by “TOTO Water Environment Fund” JapanInaugurated by Mr. Amar Narayan Mali 2nd Chairman of Milan Dharmasthali School  
2068BhadraSeptMilan Dharmasthali School was authorized as a Secondary School.Class 10 upgradedRegistered in DEO, Kathmandu, Reg. No. 4166  
Chaitra2012MarSLC attempted .1st SLC batchNo. of students 12  
2069BaishakAprArt Exchange Programme between Milan Dharmasthali School & Gifu’s School, Japan.School visited by ‘Gifu Rotary Club”, JapanGot to know each other more about student’s arts  
AsojOctPrincipal and Vice-principal visited to Japan.Mr. Deepak Dhital and Ms. Suneeta Nakarmi were invited by Milan Club JapanTo exchange the information of school and cultures of the countries on the occacation of 10th Anniversary of the club  
2070Baishak2013AprInstalled of Science Lab & Computer Lab.Supported by “Milan Club Nepal”For student’s practical purpose  
Falgun2014MarVolunteer teacher came to teach from Japan.Ms. Akane MatsumotoTo make greeting card for students  
ChaitraAprVolunteer teacher came to teach from Japan.Ms. Yuki SaitoTo teach music for students   
2072Baishak2015Apr4th Principal of Milan Dharmasthali School was appointed.Mr.Jayaram Lamichhane   
AsarJuneTemprorary trust classrooms built at the time of earthquake.Donated by Milan Club Japan’s members and well wishers of Japan’s individuals, organizations and companies, Mediated by “Milan Sarbajanik Saichhik Guthi” trustee  
ShrawanJulyEducational Scholarship for earthquake victim in Milan Dharmasthali School’s students and staffs.The fund was donated by “JICA Education Scholarship fund”, JapanMediate by Milan Club Nepal  
Magh2016JanAppointment of 3rd Chairman of Milan Dharmasthali School Management Committee.Mr. Madhav Narayan Manandhar   
ChaitraMarVolunteer teacher came to teach from Japan.Ms. Keiko Nakajima MutoTo teach art for students  
2073KartikOct2nd floor of Library building was expanded.Supported by “Milan Club Nepal “ For project room of school  
PoushDecSolar Panel was installed.Supported by “Milan Club Nepal “To minimize scarcity from loadsheding  
Magh2017JanProvided laptop for teachers.Under School ManagementFor the preparation of school’s events and activities  
ChaitraAprSchool Bus Service was provided for the students.Under School ManagementTransportation for students who live far from the school  
2074JesthaMayFree Dental Camp for students.Supported by “Kantipur Dental College” BasundharaNumber of targeted students are 400  
Water Harvesting was installed.The fund supported by “Nipoma High School, Nipoma, California of USA”Pure drinking water service   
ShrawanJulyFree check up health camp for students.Supported by “People Hospital” KathmanduDistributed free medicines. Number of targeted students are 400  
BhadraSepTeacher of Milan Dharmasthali School visited to Japan.Ms.Ramita Maharjan, invited by “Milan Club Japan”To participate in function of Milan Club Japan  
MangsirDecGents and Ladies toilets for students and staffs were extended.Supported by “Milan Club Nepal “To facilate the students & staffs  
Chaitra2018AprConstructed fence and ground of school.Under School ManagementSecurity purpose  
2075KartikOctTeacher of Milan Dharmasthali School visited to Japan.Ms.Sumitra Adhikari, invited by “Milan Club Japan”To participate in 30th anniversary of Milan Club Japan program  
Magh2019JanVolunteer teacher came to teach from Italy.Mr. Alberto Della RossaTo teach english language  
FalgunFebVolunteer doctor came for health check up to the students from Italy.Ms. Dr. Arianna BassiNumbers of targeted students were 400  
ChaitraMar4th floor of school building was constructed.Under School ManagementFor classroom for senior students & computer lab  
Mini Seminar hall was constructed.Under School ManagementFor conducting school programs  
3rd floor of hostel building extendedUnder Hostel ManagementFor canteen  
2076BaishakAprStudents canteen was startedRun by Professonal ChefCanteen for school’s students  
Jestha MayBoaring for water at school compoundUnder School ManagementTo minimize scarcity of drinking water  
Karate sports provided to students of the school.” Nepal International Kyokushin Kai Kan Karate Do Association (IKO Matsui Group) “For healther the student, participants 68 students  
AsarJuneVolunteer doctor for health checked up of grade nursery.Supported by “VIN Organization Nepal”For grade nursery students and parents of them, provided toothbrush and toothpaste  
ShrawanJulyCC Camera was installed.Under School ManagementFor the school security, 20 pieces camera  
BhadraAugDesk computer & laptop bought.Under School Management30 new computers & 4 new laptops to run computer class more effectively  
Honoured to teacher of Milan Dharmasthali School as a best teacher.Honoured to Mr. Rupak Adhikari by Tarkeshwor Municipality Educational OrganizationTo motive the school teachers  
SepPrincipal of Milan Dharmasthali School visited to Korea.Mr. Jayaram LamichhaneGamma Training Center South Korea. For the purpose of the personal development training   
Magh2020JanMini funpark was installed.Under School ManagementFor Primary level kid students