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मिलन धर्मस्थली स्कुल: Estd. 2058 B.S / 2001 A.D "Here we don't give a fish. We teach how to fish"



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The Challenging of The School Delivering Education to
Develop the Nation : Madhav N Manandhar

Milan Dharmasthali School was established under “Milan Saichhik Guthi”, which is affiliated with Volunteer Organizations of “Milan Club Nepal” and “Milan Club Japan”. Our school is a part of education field of country which is for uplift the literacy of Nepal.

We believe that Schools are models of future societies. It is a learning place of all of society, not limited to attending classroom and desk learning. Our school values ​​education that fosters the ability to collaborate with family, friends and create a good society and country. So, we aim for a society based on cooperation and love, rather than a competitive society that ranks people by numbers.

Our life is irreplaceable living being in this world who has been given “live” and “freedom”. As we know the standard of our value in the international society changes with time. The future society in which the children live will be more diverse than it is now, therefore isn’t it necessary the various ideas to living together will more important? At our school, the students grow up learning how to make good society and using this beautiful life for fruitful and freedom to live in their own way.

We are providing child’s Kindergarten, Nursery, Pre-Primary, Primary, Lower-Secondary and Secondary level class at ours school. I assure to grant the characteristics of “The high positively thinking rate and low turnover rate.” to your child. Our challenge continues for development of nation.

At the end, upon your valued child enrolls our school, I believe like past and present enrolled students feel that they are the important people in the society, your child will also have the same feeling in the future at our school’s teaching, atmosphere and environment.

Thanking you

Madhav Narayan Manandhar
Milan Dharmasthali School